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June 2021

The Latest Update - following the 6th July Meeting of the Council:

The Joint Working Group continue to work towards the best deal for the community during the regeneration of the site in line with the Neighbourhood Plan. Recent work includes more meetings and on-line discussion with Intelligent Land, Network Rail and the Access to Tisbury Group; information and guidance from Wiltshire Council on the status of the Master Plan.

At the time of writing the Joint Working Group has not received an update of the masterplan (the Draft Design and Access Statement), but Intelligent Land has indicated the proposed pedestrian access has been accepted in principle by Wiltshire Highways, subject to further data being gathered; also that they are reconsidering the size of the care home their following meeting with the local Doctors’ Surgery.

In a recent email Intelligent Land indicated strongly that they now wished to move towards an application for outline planning, even though advice from Wiltshire Council Planners highlight the importance for the developer to agree the masterplan with the Parish Council and local community.

The Parish Council is now looking in more detail at key themes highlighted in the draft Design and Access Statement by the community, including:

• adherence to the neighbourhood plan

• impact on community services and infrastructure

• potential disruption of existing traffic flows and parking

• improved pedestrian access to site

• additional information about the options for the contaminated land

• environmental impact on River Nadder

• AONB considerations


Tisbury Parish Council has had several meetings with Intelligent Land, (agents for Tisbury Community Homes, purchasers of Station Works in 2019). There are draft plans in progress for a redevelopment of this old industrial site. At the moment, the proposals are expected to include provision for approximately 80 new dwellings, including some flats, plus a care home for the elderly; together with associated private parking and a new pedestrian access into the village via the Three Arch Bridge. Intelligent Land has yet to finalise its plans.

Tisbury Community Homes is inviting the local community to look at the plans and provide feedback online at Residents can also provide feedback by calling 0800 080 3160 or by emailing

While we welcome the development of the Station Works site there are several outstanding issues that the Parish Council and the community has concerns about. These were aired at the public meeting held on 27th May 2021. Simon Trueick from Intelligent Land on behalf of the site owner, Tisbury Community Homes was present and gave responses.

Below are the Notes from that meeting. There is also a PDF of the PowerPoint that Councillor Gerry Murray presented which is a great visual guide to all the issues.

7 Councillors elected un-opposed and take up Office on Tuesday 18th May 2021



April 2021

As only 7 nominations were received for the Parish council election on 6th May 2021, all persons nominated will be elected un-opposed.

Once each nominee has signed the Office of Declaration, they take become a Parish Councillor and have a duty to attend Parish Council meetings when 'summoned'!

 The first meeting for the newly elected Councillors will be held on Tuesday 18th May at 7pm.  As the current Government regulations require a face-to-face meeting at that time, the location has yet to be decided. 

POTENTIAL move of the CO-OP SHOP to the Southwestern Hotel site

Tisbury - Station Road


April 2021

This information has been given to the Parish Council by a representative speaking on behalf of the Co-op. 

Although the planning application is expected in the next couple of months, please bear in mind that the Co-op plans are still  in a draft form and details are subject to change as a result of discussions with Planning Officers.

The site has been purchased by Westcoast Convenience Ltd. This is a property developer that the Co-op has worked with previously, on several sites.
The Co-op doesn't purchase sites like this directly, as they are not a property developer. However, there is a contract between the Co-op and the property developer.

The Co-op will be putting forward the planning application for the change of use to a store and directly incurring the costs associated with doing this.

The development will retain the shell of the building, rather than be a new build.

There is a plan to include accommodation, which at present will be for two flats above the new store. These would be owned by West Coast Convenience Ltd, but the Co-op will have a lease for the ground floor unit (which is normal practice for the Co-op in these types of circumstances).

Parking would be contained within the current boundary of the site: this will be in the same location as current parking space, as well as extending in part into the rough garden area next to the current parking area.

The Co-op is not looking to purchase any of the surrounding land.

The pub building will be refurbished, bringing the building back to life, and keeping the aspect of the building as it is currently.

Whatever happens in the surrounding areas beyond the border of the site, such as the meadows, is not within the Co-op's control.

Plans are likely to include a single storey extension at the rear of the existing building, but it is not felt that this will have any impact on the nearby houses.

Regarding the current store, the Co-op will be retaining the property which is owned freehold, and will seek to let the unit for a non-competing use to other businesses on the High Street.

Plans are based around relocating the current store to this new site, therefore it wouldn't be possible to maintain both sites as the Co-op stores.

If the planning application is successful, the Co-op would not do anything that would disturb local wildlife in the area; for any work planned, an ecological survey would be undertaken which would identify which species were present, their commuting and foraging patterns. This would then be used as the basis for creating measures to protect these species, and this would form part of any planning permission requirement, closely monitored by council officers to ensure compliance.

In terms of waste disposal, Co-op stores return all waste via their delivery lorries (so when a delivery has been completed, the same lorry then removes waste). This waste is then processed centrally for recycling.

Plans for loading and unloading of deliveries, plus turning of vehicles, plans are at an early stage, but are currently envisaged as:

All deliveries will be within the site boundary (as opposed to from delivery vehicles parked on the road). At the moment, plans are being worked on that will position the delivery to the right-hand side of the front forecourt of the pub, toward the current parking area. With Church Mead to the left-hand side of the site, deliveries would therefore be on the opposite side of the site to these houses.

As plans advance, they will include traffic and delivery management plans that will specify how lorries approach and manoeuvre on site. Co-op drivers are trained on the delivery plans for the specific sites they deliver to and, once a store is open, there is ongoing monitoring and assessment of these procedures, by both the local and regional manager.

Small Grant Applications


March 2021

The revised guidelines and application form are now available on the Policies section of this website.

Applications for the next round of funding need to be sent to Tisbury PC by Friday 9th April for discussion at the 4th May meeting. Don't forget that you'll need to attend the meeting (virtually) to ensure the application is considered.   

Parish Council Meetings


March 2020