Tisbury Parish Councillors voted to object to the Station Works planning application (PL/2021/09778) at their meeting on 7th December 2021.

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11th November 2022

Statement from the Parish Council

Station Works Update: planning application refused

On Thursday 10th November the Southern Area Planning Committee of Wiltshire Council refused the planning application submitted by Intelligent Land for the proposed development of Station Works. This refusal was at the request of Tisbury Parish Council and our local Wiltshire Council member, Nick Errington. Other members of the public at the meeting supported the refusal of the application. The vote of the Committee was unanimous. Over 250 local residents had placed objections on Wiltshire Council’s planning website, so this is something of a victory for local democracy.

The main reasons for refusal were the inappropriate plans for pedestrian access via a ramp under the 3 arch bridge, the large number of dwellings and the care home. The Parish Council argued that all of these were in breach of our neighbourhood plan and the Committee unanimously supported that view. The full motion which was carried is set out below.*

The Parish Council believes that this is a significant step in the right direction but acknowledges that it is not the end of the matter. The developers (as is their right) have appealed to the Planning Inspectorate. That appeal will be heard in the coming months andthe Parish Council will now be putting a team together to deal with the Planning Inspectorate inquiry. This development is crucial to Tisbury's future housing needs and the Parish Council remains determined to find a solution.

The Council has been working on this for a long time and its thanks must go to the large number of volunteers who have given freely of their time in putting the case for the community. The neighbourhood plan has been an invaluable tool in getting the community to this stage, without it we would have been powerless. The Council hopes hope that with continued efforts, the community will achieve the sustainable development on this site that it wants.

*The motion to refuse the application:

‘That the application would have been refused in line with officer recommendation, citing the policies outlined in the report (including the under-provision of affordable housing), but also grounds of unsustainable housing density and blending with the existing environment, in contravention of NP policy BL7 and CP27 and CP57 of the WCS and also on the non-viability of a care home as employment provision at this location, in contravention of CP46.

Further, to avoid any inference that the opinions expressed in the Officer Report might be misrepresented as a statement of common ground, that it is noted that the application has not been based on a site masterplan, agreed with the community and key partners, as contemplated by the Neighbourhood Plan and its Independent Examiner and that it is based on questionable principles of development, as set out in objections from the Environment Agency, Highways, Drainage, Rights of Way, Economic Development, Spatial Planning, Urban Design and the Cranborne Chase AONB partnership’.


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