July 2021
Tuesday, 19:00
The Reading Room, High St, Tisbury, SP3 6LD or using Google Meet

Monthly meeting 1

Hybrid meeting; please book a seat if you want to attend in person - seating is limited. Google Meet joining info - https://meet.google.com/pix-xwit-sba





Additional Documents

01.04.a. AGAR on website.jpg 01.04.b. AGAR on NB +date(oof).PNG 01.04.b. AGAR on NB figs (in focus).JPG 01.04.b. AGAR on NB set (in focus).JPG 01.04.c. Confirmation of AGAR receipt by PKF Automatic reply_ W10232 - Tisbury PC - 2020_21 AGAR information.pdf 01.05. Cricket Pavilion - Drwgs, Spec & Works.doc.pdf 01.06. Evolis Quote for SID.pdf 01.06. SID TPC Order Form 2019 07 29.pdf