August 2021
Tuesday, 19:00
The Reading Room, High St, Tisbury, SP3 6LD or using Google Meet

Monthly meeting 1

Hybrid meeting - please book a seat if you want to attend in person as space is limited. To view the meeting, please use the following link: https://meet.google.com/fhk-bpry-oei





Additional Documents

01.03a. April meeting 1 minutes - 21.04.06.pdf 01.03b. April meeting 2 minutes - 21.04.20.pdf 01.03c. May meeting 1 minutes - 21.05.04.pdf 01.03d. May meeting 2 minutes - 21.05.18.pdf 01.04a. Notice of Making Order - TISB83.pdf 01.04a. Order - Tisbury 83 (full).pdf 01.06. Draft Policy for Granting of the Honorary Freedom of the Parish.pdf 01.07. SID Gen.5 Options_.pdf